Located at 40 Brattle Street, Alden & Harlow serves thoughtfully sourced, honest American food in a subterranean, modern and comfortable space. Inspired by the gathering of family and friends at his home kitchen table, Chef Michael Scelfo prepares bold and flavor forward food that honors tradition of place in its quality. It's how he connects with anyone who joins him at his table.

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Nov 22, 2014

The Game: Harvard vs. Yale

Anyone familiar with Harvard University knows their rivalry with Yale runs deep, and that the peak of it is The Game that happens once a year. Families, alumni and students come from all over to be part of one of the most heated and exciting afternoons in all of college football. This year, on Saturday, November 22, Alden & Harlow will open for its first Saturday afternoon as a spot for fans to enjoy The Game from our bar & dining room while snacking on a selection of dishes from our dinner menu starting at 11am and going straight through the day. Being at the heart of Harvard Square allows us so many fun opportunities, and this is just another one of them! So, come hang out with us for the afternoon, and bring your team spirit! (No fighting allowed, team gear encouraged.)

Alden & Harlow
40 Brattle St, Cambridge, MA


Throughout his career, Chef Michael Scelfo always took the time to examine his personal culinary perspective: if given the opportunity to take off the reins and cook for people in a restaurant of his own, what would he make? He found the answers in his home kitchen, surrounded by his wife and three children. Creating a medium in which people connect with other people is what Chef Scelfo excels at. Incorporating elements that have personal meaning while weaving together family recipes with his own, translates into simple, elegant dishes inspired by what he would want to eat with his family at home.

At Alden & Harlow, Chef Michael Scelfo takes this idea and figuratively extends his family’s kitchen table into his first owned and operated restaurant. Located in the iconic Casablanca restaurant space in Harvard Square, Chef Scelfo will pay homage to his roots, make each ingredient shine, and ultimately, cook from his heart.

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Alden & Harlow
Cambridge, MA